“Love is the highest frequency & has the power to transmute all darkness”
— The Boujee Healer

The Sacred Journey of the Seven Rays

In this transformational program you will be working with the 7 Sacred Rays and activating the correlating chakras to open your channels to accessing higher frequency energies.  This information will be channeled from our Galactic Family, and you will receive codes of light that will activate your DNA!


Each day will be focused on a Ray and Chakra in a deep healing journey that will clear trauma from your being and allow you to align with your highest timeline as a beautiful creator and live the life you desire and are worthy of!

The Boujee Healer, Gayle smiling facing the sky, surrounded by sunshine & nature.

The 7 Rays are energies of the divine that we can invoke to bring different qualities into our realities.

These 7 qualities are the foundation of everything we have in manifestation on our planet. They are the qualities of our life! This program will be very personal for anyone who takes part as it will show you what rays you deeply resonate with and what rays you would like to call in and work with more.

Many people go by their astrological chart to find out more about themselves, but many overlook the 7 rays which are important to know and will help you understand yourself and your astrological chart even more.

You will also be opening and clearing each chakra that correlates with the 7 rays to align you with the higher frequencies we will be channeling in.

This will help you manifest all you desire and open you to receiving
abundance in all aspects of your life! 


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This course is for wayshowers, light leaders, illuminaries and starseeds who are ready to receive and activate your DNA so you can carry out the mission you are here for!

You will be initiated into a level of consciousness that will allow you to access Lemurian, Pleiadian and Arcturian codes and DNA activations.  This is the inner work that needs to be done now so you are more of an open channel to receive abundance that will change your life! 

What you will receive:
  • You will receive an Lemurian crystal that you can channel the rays through.
  • You will learn the meaning of each ray and its correlating chakra.
  • You will receive light code activations that will Upgrade your DNA and raise your frequency.
  • You will receive invitations into each one of the 7 Sacred Flames.
  • You will learn how to call in and activate each ray at any moment.
  • You will clear your energy system and chakras of any blockages that stagnate the flow of
    these rays and energies, allowing your to ascend higher and faster.
The Boujee healer in a prayer like position, while seated in nature.

Day 1 – The First Ray

This is the foundation for even those on a professional healing path. It opens you up to Universal life force energy and allows you to break through the energies that block you from expanding and igniting your mission. You will learn to connect with and maintain your connection with Reiki.  Your Reiki practice at level 1 is mainly for you and your loved ones, children, pets, plants and the earth. This attunement will help you create more harmony, vitality and balance energetically within.

  • You will open, activate and clear your throat chakra from all dense, heavy energies that are
    not allowing you to align with your happiness by setting clear boundaries and speaking your
  • You will learn how to reconnect with your power in a way like never before. Where you once
    gave your power away, this flame will heal that aspect and allow you to fully step into your
    powerful highest version.
  • you will be initiated into the 1st ray, activating and initiating your ability to take action to
    manifest and create what you desire.

Day 2 – The Second Ray

  • You will open, activate and clear you crown chakra and open your channels to the divine
    consciousness and your higher self. This will allow you to receive downloads, information and
    DNA activations that you are ready for! It will connect you to all energies and assist you in
    connecting deeper to the energies you desire to create.
  • You will raise your consciousness and become more enlightened of the mind and mental
  • You will release attachments and learn to surrender your old limiting beliefs.
  • You will tap into your limitlessness!
  • You will be initiated into the 2nd ray, activating your abilities to create union within all things
    and become magnetic to your desired reality!
The Boujee Healer, Gayle, showing her group beach meditation set up.

Day 3 – The Third Ray

The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding a crystal while displaying her Chanel necklace.
  • .You will open, activate and clear your heart chakra and release anything that holds you back
    from giving and receiving more love in your life.
  • You will focus on manifesting and activate more of your intelligence by upgrading your DNA
    with this ray.
  • You will be initiated into the 3rd ray, strengthening your spiritual abilities
  • You will channel the highest frequency of unconditional love in all areas of your life, healing on a deep level.

Day 4 – The Fourth Ray

  • You will open, activate and clear your root chakra allowing you to ground in your manifestations into the physical realm.
  • You will be initiated into the 4th Ray, allowing you to move through any conflict in your life and
    alchemize it into harmony, peace and balance.
  • .You will upgrade your DNA through activations of this ray that will enhance your creativity and
  • You will connect with mother Gaia deeply which will allow you to create and bring forth new
    life into your path.
The Boujee Healer, Gayle smiling in front of leaves.

Day 5 – The Fifth Ray

The Boujee Healer, Gayle, facing the sun in meditation.
  • .You will open, activate and clear your Third Eye Chakra, activating your spiritual gifts that may
    be dormant and allowing you to become the most powerful creator you can be.
  • You will be initiated into the 5th ray, strengthening your mental abilities as a creator.
  • You will experience healing at all levels and the activation of incredible abundance you are
    worthy of!
  • You will strengthen your ability to discern and to gain clarity and see what needs to be created
    in your path for the highest good of all.

Day 6 – The Sixth Ray

    • You will open, activate and clear your Solar Plexus Chakra, which will allow you to release all control and surrender to the Divine flow of the Universe.
    • You will be initiated into the 6th ray, uplifting your devotion to what you want and activating
      your propose and mission that you have so much passion for!
    • You will learn how to connect with divine guidance, angelic beings and beings of light for your
      highest good in a deep way.
    • You will release and let go of old emotions, feelings and ideas about yourself.
    The Boujee Healer, Gayle smiling facing the sky, surrounded by sunshine & nature.

    Day 7 – The Seventh Ray

    The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding a crystal while displaying her Chanel necklace.


    • .You will open, activate and clear your Seat of the Soul Chakra.
    • You will be initiated into the 7th Ray which will assist you in maintaining balance with the
      physical realm and material manifestations.


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    Sheesha says...

    “Gayle is unlike any healer I have experienced before. She is tapped into consciousness far beyond a typical reiki master and is able to share her wisdom in a simplified, clear way. If you haven’t booked a private session or attended a group healing with Gayle, this is your sign!”

    Emily had this to say...

    “A Reiki session with Gayle is nothing short of magical! Immediately after my first session, I felt lighter and more energized physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was able to help me acknowledge and release past traumas and blockages that were holding me back from stepping into my true power. The day after my first session, I received a job promotion, which I believe was no coincidence. Gayle continues to help me tap into my gifts and the abundance that was always waiting for me.”

    Jocelyn commented...

    “This woman has been a blessing in my life, and so for my loved ones, thank you for helping me release, let go, and hold my hand to elevate to a higher dimension, thank you for the continuous work you’ve done in this planet and your endless love for others. Forever grateful for you.”

    Diane said this about Gayle...

    “Meeting Gayle is like personally meeting the Angel of Sunshine. She is warm, full of light and energy, and makes you feel happy.”

    Daniella has this to say about The Boujee Healer

    “I absolutely loved my session with Gayle. I had an incredible release of so much stored energy from negative past experiences-so much though that I had trouble finding the balance to walk for a good minute afterward. I think it was my body’s way of recalibrating itself with a newfound lightness. I’ve recommended her  to everyone I know, and have set a session with her as a requirement to my peers to be in my life.”

    The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding crystals in both hands, eyes closed.

    A bit about Gayle:

    Gayle is a Reiki Master Teacher and a multidimensional channel. In her sessions she brings in reiki healing, breathwork, channeled activations, pleiadian light bath, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, spirit guide connections, E.T. Contact, connecting you with your galactic family of light and more. She has been given the title of being an “Activator” on this planet. The DNA activations and upgrades that flow through her when she opens her channels are from the higher realms and are always for your highest good. You immediately experience a shift in your signature frequency as you recalibrate and release lower frequency consciousnesses that are no longer serving your expansion into higher states of consciousness.

    Ever since Gayle had her first contact experience several of her spiritual gifts have come online. The work she does now is for those souls that are ready to be activated to the next level. From there, they are able to expand their frequency into their true role and help serve humanity with their own gifts that become activated.

    If one is unawakened and does a session or takes a class, there is a possibility of an awakening becoming activated. This has happened numerous times because of the DNA activations that are channeled.

    Gayle is available for sessions to just talk, or for energy healing and guidance on what comes up.