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Join The Boujee Healer Live & In Person to experience the energy for yourself. #######################################################

“Love is the highest frequency & has the power to transmute all darkness”
— The Boujee Healer

 One on One Sessions

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Light Language Activation & Clearing

15 Minutes, One on One Session

Beyond Quantum Healing

1 Hour 30 Minutes, One on One Session

Starseed Reading

30 Minutes, One on One Session

Entity Removal & Clearing

1 Hour, One on One Session

Energy Healing & Clearing

1 Hour, One on One Session

Energy Healing, Reiki & Clearing (IN-PERSON)

1 Hour, One on One Session


3 Hours, 30 Min,  Group Class

REIKI LEVEL 2 Certification (GROUP)

30 Minutes, One on One Session

REIKI LEVEL 3 Certification Master Level

3 Hours, One on One Session

REIKI LEVEL 3 & 4 Certification combined

3 Hours, 30 Min One on One Session

REIKI LEVEL 4 Certification Master Teacher

3s Hour, One on One Session


6 Month Container


3 Month Container


6 Week Container


(Spiritual Counseling and Ascension Guidance) 

(Virtual or In-Person)

These sessions are incredibly powerful and transformative for everyone. Whether in person or virtual, the energy healing, activations and downloads from your higher self and other beings that are channeled through are extremely powerful and you will experience a shift in vibration. Every session is unique and intuitive, tailored to your specific needs at the time. We will address any current challenges and begin to work through the blockages with energy healing focusing on the root cause of the imbalances. Gayle will be channeling your higher self through the session so you can receive guidance and healing as well as information from your team of light. Gayle works with beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lemurians, other star races and the Galactic Federation that will counsel in the session as your DNA is activated and upgraded and deep clearing and healing takes place that goes all the way into your childhood, past life and ancestral lines. Gayle is a Reiki Master Teacher and invokes this healing in all of the sessions. She will be working in the quantum field to align your soul grid with the highest possible timeline and reprogram any limiting beliefs, behaviors or patterns that aren’t serving you, healing addictions, clearing stagnant energy and blockages that prevent you from experiencing the highest abundance, joy and freedom and worthiness that is your birthright. As an ascension coach, Gayle will be able to tell you what stage of light body activation you are at and assist in anything that may be blocking expansion for you. She will offer exercises and tools moving forward to keep your energy unblocked and moving up in frequency. Many positive and abundant shifts are made when these sessions take place! You will begin to remember who you are and what your true soul mission is here! You will also know that you are NOT alone after you experience this deep connection! Gayle offers continuing support after your session and has an incredible community of people on their spiritual journey that are a family of light for you to also join!

These sessions are no joke, you must be open and ready to receive without judgment before considering these. Sometimes, it just feels good to talk about what you’re moving through and when these conversations begin, the healing and channeling start to take place.

These sessions are around 60-90 minutes depending on the amount of work needed. To schedule your one-on-one session, click the button to book and you’ll be guided to email Gayle to book your session. This is the preferred way to book with her so she can connect with you before your session and feel out what you may need most in your session whether it’s more energy healing, counseling, guided meditation, Beyond Quantum Healing and more. We cannot wait for you to experience this shift!!

Session Pricing: $222 for the Initial Intro Session


1-to-1 High Level Experience for transformation 

This is a private container for deep spiritual work!

I am looking to work with New Paradigm Leaders and Wayshowers that are ready to take their mission to the next level!    This is the most important work you can do right now.  Invest in yourself to access your highest essence and activate your DNA and spiritual gifts so that you can create a ripple effect to everyone around you and to the whole planet!  

In this container, we will meet weekly to discuss what you’re moving through and to activate channel and initiate what’s needed in each session.  You will be connecting with your guides and galactic family of light through each transmission while doing deep healing work to activate the next level of your invitation into higher levels of consciousness.   I am here to hold space for your sacred journey and guide you through this incredible ascension process so you don’t have to feel alone!  Having this guidance allows for such a huge transformation to take place in a small amount of time!   You will be ready to guide others on this path after integrating the lightcodes and information channeled through this sacred container.  

While working with me, you will have the highest level of access to me (unlimited voxer access) daily to communicate.  You can ask questions, send downloads and I will send energy activations, healing and energy blasts when needed!  I will also send you downloads and guidance  that I receive for you when it comes through.   

This is life changing work and you will experience a shift each session and DNA upgrades and activations will be channeled through me to you as we work together.  Your life will never be the same because you are willing and open to receive this and are willing to dedicate this energy and time to do the work.  

My 1-1 Containers start at :

$10,000 for 3 months (or 3 monthly payments of $3,555, or bi-weekly payments)

$18,000 for 6 months ($2,000 off if paid in full)

12 month plan also available.  Inquire for more details

(Payment plans are available.  Please email me with questions about payment plans.)

To work with me, Please fill out an application. 

Email me: and I will send you an application and introduce myself!

I look forward to elevating your ascension journey!


The Boujee Healer, Gayle smiling facing the sky, surrounded by sunshine & nature.

Reiki Certification: Become a Reiki Healer!!

Become a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner

By receiving a Reiki attunement you awaken your abilities as a healer and is a very powerful spiritual experience. There are four levels of attunements. Then attainment frequencies are channeled to the student through the teacher.

May students report having visions, past life experiences, mystical experiences, and many healing gifts activating and expanding.  

Trainings are In-Person or Online via Zoom

The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding a sound bowl while in nature.

Level 1 (Cho Ku Rei) $300

This is the foundation for even those on a professional healing path. It opens you up to Universal life force energy and allows you to break through the energies that block you from expanding and igniting your mission. You will learn to connect with and maintain your connection with Reiki.  Your Reiki practice at level 1 is mainly for you and your loved ones, children, pets, plants and the earth. This attunement will help you create more harmony, vitality and balance energetically within.

  • Opening of the crown chakra to allow free flow of energy to come into the body for healing purposes.
  • Attunement to 1 Reiki symbol
  • Intro to Reiki & hand positions
  • Cultivating healing touch
  • Practice your new skills with self-treatment & treating others.
  • A Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level 1
  • Reiki Manual

  • Mentoring & hands-on treatments: offering sessions to loved ones.
  • An inclusive reiki treatment by me as your master teacher.

Level 2 (Sei He Ki & Sha Ze Sho Nen) $300

This level provides a higher level of energy vibrations in the healer. This level focuses on emotional healing, releasing the mental body & reprogramming traumas to help change future timelines and to resolve any karmic ties. During this training the flow of Reiki energy within you will intensify. At level 2 you will learn the sacred symbols used to heal yourself and others. You will dive deeper into this ancient healing and learn how to offer distant healing and more techniques to enhance your hands-on healing. At this level you may charge (energy exchange) for services.

  • Reiki 1 Review
  • Practice Reiki symbols & Distance healing (past, present & future)
  • Level 2 Manual
  • Reiki Treatments: How to conduct a professional hands-on & distance healing session.

  • How to integrate Level 2 into your professional or personal healing practice.
  • Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level 2
  • Learn Reiki symbols, meaning & activation
The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding a crystal while displaying her Chanel necklace.
The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding a sound bowl while in nature.

Level 3 Reiki Master (Day Ko Myo) $400

After completing Level 1 & 2 and have an interest in expanding your practice and taking it to the next level to Reiki Master. You go deeper into your soul using what you’ve learned in previous levels to access more of your abilities. At this level, you embody Reiki and begin to trust and remember your true authentic self.

  • Become a Reiki Master
  • Review information in previous levels
  • Learn how to attune others
  • Reiki Level 3 Manual
  • Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level 3 Master

Level 4 The Master Teacher Level (Dai Ko Myo & Raku) $500

This level teaches you how to attune & certify others.  You will learn how to teach all levels of Reiki and how to offer attunements for each level of Reiki.  You will receive all teaching materials, certificate of completion, and ongoing support from me.

*There is a 6 week gestation period between each attunement.  From Level 3/Master to Master Teacher you must have shared at least 10 healings.

Small-Group  Level 1 Reiki attunement Certification: Online or In-Person $300

  • Reiki 101
  • Learn the Level 1 symbolLearn the Level 1 symbol
  • Partner practice
  • Guided meditation to prepare to receive the attunement
  • Each person will receive their attunement ritual
  • Self Reiki
  • Practice using Cho Ku Red to amplify and de-amplify energy and intentions.
    For Online: Your certification will be mailed to you upon completion

What is Reiki Healing?

Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, an ancient form of healing that everyone can benefit from. It can be used to heal yourself, animals, others, nature, and earth. It is effective in healing emotional trauma, physical pain and accelerating the physical body’s natural ability to heal. It can also boost the immune system and create an energetic balance.

Private 1-on-1 Spiritual Mentorship

Sheesha says...

“Gayle is unlike any healer I have experienced before. She is tapped into consciousness far beyond a typical reiki master and is able to share her wisdom in a simplified, clear way. If you haven’t booked a private session or attended a group healing with Gayle, this is your sign!”

Emily had this to say...

“A Reiki session with Gayle is nothing short of magical! Immediately after my first session, I felt lighter and more energized physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was able to help me acknowledge and release past traumas and blockages that were holding me back from stepping into my true power. The day after my first session, I received a job promotion, which I believe was no coincidence. Gayle continues to help me tap into my gifts and the abundance that was always waiting for me.”

Jocelyn commented...

“This woman has been a blessing in my life, and so for my loved ones, thank you for helping me release, let go, and hold my hand to elevate to a higher dimension, thank you for the continuous work you’ve done in this planet and your endless love for others. Forever grateful for you.”

Diane said this about Gayle...

“Meeting Gayle is like personally meeting the Angel of Sunshine. She is warm, full of light and energy, and makes you feel happy.”

Daniella has this to say about The Boujee Healer

“I absolutely loved my session with Gayle. I had an incredible release of so much stored energy from negative past experiences-so much though that I had trouble finding the balance to walk for a good minute afterward. I think it was my body’s way of recalibrating itself with a newfound lightness. I’ve recommended her  to everyone I know, and have set a session with her as a requirement to my peers to be in my life.”

The Boujee Healer, Gayle holding crystals in both hands, eyes closed.

Healing Modality

Gayle is a Reiki Master Teacher and a multidimensional channel. In her sessions she brings in reiki healing, breathwork, channeled activations, pleiadian light bath, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, spirit guide connections, E.T. Contact, connecting you with your galactic family of light and more. She has been given the title of being an “Activator” on this planet. The DNA activations and upgrades that flow through her when she opens her channels are from the higher realms and are always for your highest good. You immediately experience a shift in your signature frequency as you recalibrate and release lower frequency consciousnesses that are no longer serving your expansion into higher states of consciousness.

Ever since Gayle had her first contact experience several of her spiritual gifts have come online. The work she does now is for those souls that are ready to be activated to the next level. From there, they are able to expand their frequency into their true role and help serve humanity with their own gifts that become activated.

If one is unawakened and does a session or takes a class, there is a possibility of an awakening becoming activated. This has happened numerous times because of the DNA activations that are channeled.

Gayle is available for sessions to just talk, or for energy healing and guidance on what comes up.